Access Point | 1351 | Words

Words are a really big deal (Proverbs 18:21).

With over 6,500 spoken languages in the world, the challenge this week is to use yours to build people up. We are intended to communicate, and though words are only a part of it, we must work to be clear about what it is we mean.

This week start with those closest to you.

What do you need them to know?

What do you see in them that needs some work or attention?

How can you say thank you in a different, new way?

Is there something you need to ask forgiveness for?

Speak in love and it will stick. Though it may be hard to accept, your courage to speak what is right, will produce progress for that person.

if you speak something difficult to someone you love and are really close to, there is a likely chance they will not “hear” it from you, but once you plant the seed someone else will help it grow.

Take some time this week to really think before you speak, and when you do speak, say what you really mean. Even if you say something wrong, apologize, and learn from your mistake. Perfection is not an option in this area, only progress.

It would mean the world for somebody if you would simply respond to them. Who is that person for you?

If you find this challenge difficult, that’s good! We all could be a little better, generous, clear and kind with our words.

If you are finding fear, insecurity, or intimidation stopping you from speaking what is right and true, ask someone you trust to help you navigate through this roadblock.

Words, they really are a big deal.