Access Point | 1345 | What’s Your Awesome

What are you going to create to make the world a better place? Every one of us have something awesome. Do you know what yours is?

If you do not know what it is, it’s time to figure it out. You may say, well I’ve been trying. It’s just not clear. Here are two suggestions:

Stop trying! Your awesome(Your God given gifts) cannot be tried. When we try something we tend to not be All In. We say, lets just see what happens. No! We must make it happen. That’s why you were given the gifts in the first place.
If you need some help figuring it out or clarifying what it is, find somebody you trust and know will tell you the truth. Ask them. If it’s right you’ll know.

Here’s a video to get you motivated to figure it out and to do something with it.