Access52 events incorporates powerful stories, humor, music and multimedia, to make a lasting impact.

Each event is finely tuned and uniquely delivered to meet the needs of your audience. These events are designed to MOTIVATE – CHALLENGE – INSPIRE people to accept who they are and courageously step toward their ALL IN moment…

Having Access52 for your event is a decision you will not regret. We are serious and committed to making a difference in the lives of people – This is our mission. Together we can create an experience that will have a powerful impact on your audience.

who we speak to


High School
Junior High
Youth Events
Community Events



Community Events
Parent Conferences
School Sponsored Parent Evenings


Teachers & Professionals

Team Building
Conference Speaker
Keynote / Emcee
Motivational Talks


We also understand that every audience and session is different, please contact us for custom events and talks.


breakdown of sessions

Single Session


Single sessions are most effective for whole school events, conferences or community/church events.These are typically high energy events with a strong and clear message. Michael gets people fired up and motivated to make an ‘All IN ‘ decision.

Half- day Session

(2.5 hours)

Half/Full day events are geared toward a specific age group, grade/class or department.

Full- day Sessions

A full-day session allows us to go deeper into multiple sessions with the hope of providing clear information that will help each attendee be in a better position to make better decisions. Because these sessions are specific to a grade, department or group, these sessions are designed to bring the group together.


Multi-day events are best suited to keynote conferences, retreats, and emcee roles. Multi-day events are an opportunity to really drive home a particular topic or theme. It gives the audience more time to process and understand the message. It also allows us create multiple memorable ‘take-a-ways’ that will become helpful tools in their lifebox.


a few of Michael’s most popular talks

If there is a specific topic or message you would like for Michael to speak on, please contact us so we can determine if it will be a good fit.

I’M All IN.

It’s not about circumstance, status, or talent. It’s about a decision. The moment when we eliminate the excuses and get intentional about living out our mission.


“The stories we tell about ourselves will become the stories we follow.”


No Excuses

This talk helps to define what we really want and what it takes to live the ALL-IN life. This requires a willingness to admit when we mess up and do whatever it takes to make things right.


“Do what you say, admit when you don’t?”

Bully, Bullied, Broken

In this series Michael tackles the effects of bullying. He is convinced that if we really knew that person’s story, we would act different. He also gives practical and effective strategies to confront this uncomfortable reality for many.


“Who do you need to love the most, that deserves it the least…”

Who are you?

We believe you are a One & Only and this talk is about how unique and amazing you are! As we discover and develop our talents, we are challenged to never give up and have the courage to help others do the same.


“The real you will eventually show up! The question is are you okay with that?”


Driven by Vision, on purpose and fueled with passion! This message will Motivate, Challenge and Inspire your team to get intentional about what they do, but most importantly why they do it.


“It starts today! There is no better time than NOW”

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