Access Point | 1410 | Time

Here’s what we know.
We all have the same amount of time in one day.
24hrs – 1,440min – 86,400 seconds

How we spend that time is the challenge.

If we choose to stay up late, sleep in and not get an intentional and focused start on the day, half of the day will slip by without you even noticing.

Think of everyday this week in regards to time as an investment.
What would you be willing to sacrifice now in order to have more time for later?

To achieve growth (spiritual, physical or financial) there must be a willingness to pay a price, and this Access Point is no different.

You may need to sacrifice getting up early, delegating some tasks, not going out every night and possibly putting in some extra hours of work or studying. What do you need to sacrifice? SHARE YOUR STORY

We do not deserve this time we have, so lets receive it as a gift and spend it well.