All Access Ministries began with a simple idea!

459067_4180614674345_741244519_oWhat would happen if everybody knew they had access to the truth and were fully aware that this truth gave the fullness of joy to live an intentional life?

From the beginning, it was very clear that All Access Ministries did not want to become a church in any capacity. Rather, All Access would serve as a place of first encounter towards people’s own faith. It would be a ministry to hold open the door for people who did not feel that faith was something they could ever accept. The best way to reach these individuals was through events of the highest quality—“amazing moments” that would touch and inspire them to seek the truth. Thus, All Access developed as an event-based ministry, blending music and personal experiences with the truths of the Gospel. Very often, media sources pull people away from the truth and into a misunderstanding of life. All Access seeks to redirect this self-centred way of thinking toward a mentality that allows lasting transformations to occur in people’s lives.

In 2009, a small group of people who believed in this mission, joined together to begin ‘All Access Ministries’.

Ever since All Access Ministries has had the privilege to speak to hundreds of thousands of people across North America. In addition, All Access has helped developed over 30 local Canadian and international mission projects. One such initiative is the Impact Project, a pay-it-forward program that encourages people to take their own initiative and give a gift to someone in need. For more information on the Impact project visit ‘The Impact Project’ page.