What is Access52?

Access52 is a platform for students, parents and teachers. It’s a place where students can find hope and direction. Our goal is to engage teachers and parents to help better connect with students.

Through live events, media, and online resources, we create opportunities for people to take a step toward their All In moment.


Why do you matter to us?

“As a teacher your influence has a profound weight on how students see themselves and their potential. Your work awakens the wonder of what is possible and we believe what you do is one of the greatest vocations on the planet. Thank you!”

- Michael Chiasson.

“Our goal is to bridge the gap between teachers, students and parents. By facilitating a purposeful and authentic dialogue, we hope to help you to be more effective as a teacher and influencer.”

- Michael Chiasson.

Events with Access52

Access52 events incorporate powerful stories, humor, music and multimedia, to make a lasting impact. We believe our events will motivate, challenge and inspire students, parents and teachers. Check out our events, talks and opportunities


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