What is Access52?

Access52 is a platform for your stories and ideas to be heard. It is a place to find hope, direction and to understand you are not alone.

Through live events, media and online resources, we create opportunities for people to take a step toward their All In moment.

Why do you matter to us?

“I believe every person has a story that needs to be heard. This is where people can find hope in life’s most difficult moments. My goal is to motivate, challenge and inspire as many people as possible to see how amazing they are and take a step toward their ALL-IN moment.”

-Michael Chiasson.

How can you be part of Access52?

  • *Coming Jan 2017* We are developing a monthly content subscription that will inspire you and help you be ALL IN. This resource will be FREE for you as a student – Click Here to subscribe

  • Help us help students – Share your Story

  • Help us help parents – Things I wish my parents knew

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If you need some help and someone to talk to please reach out to Kids Help 1(800)668-6868