Shine 2013 in San Antonio, Texas was an honor to be a part of. Come on, there were high school students from all over who took a week to serve people they didn’t even know. This is the kind of face time that changes lives! Check out their great work at

I had the opportunity to them one evening and I was beyond moved by their openness. One great comment I received was by a young girl who came up after to say thank you. Though I’m always thankful for these moments, this one was different. She paused an elaborated a bit. ‘Thank you Michael for speaking good things into our lives. We really need that.’ She walked away. As I sat there thinking about the impact of that statement it hit me, if we spent more time intentionally speaking good things to people and about people I’m convinced a great thing will happen.

Words we speak can change lives. For good and for the bad. Let’s choose the first.