Access Point | 1402 | Remarkable

One definition of Remarkable is worthy of notice or attention.
You are worthy of notice and attention because you have been given a light. That light is found in your personality, gifts, talents, abilities, goals and dreams.
Another definition for Remarkable is, extraordinary.
You are meant to live and will live a remarkable life. You have been created to. The only reason to fall short from this extraordinary calling is to think you are not worthy of it.
How many people do you know that feel they are not good enough?
I’m sure we all have a few people we know who do not see how great they really are.

This week the challenge is to help someone begin to live a remarkable life.
Help by building them up and challenge them to rise above negativity and to be thankful for what they have.
We must first put this into practice before we show others how to do it.
Start with you, then share your story.

You may be surprised at who needs your remarkable life to shine towards them. When the opportunity is before you remember, No Excuses!

The Remarkable life is found in the sacrifice of service for others. Serve well this week.