Access Point | 1652 | Finish Thankful


As this year comes to an end, let’s finish - Thankful!


Even though every year brings a mix of emotions, the easy way out is to say, "let’s move on" and hope the next year will be better.


We do believe that our future will always be brighter than our past, but before we get there, we must pause and be thankful for what we’ve come through.


Every experience both good and bad has paved a way for us to see that there is hope even in midst of it all.


The challenge this week is to reflect on th...

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Access Point | 1650 | Last Minute

last minute label

The final seconds are on the clock and the countdown has begun! A flood of emotion from all of the procrastination hits and we find ourselves laser focused and on a mission. This is a feeling many of us can relate to, especially this time of year.


Being under pressure can be the opposite of what the meaning of this season is really all about. The point is and always will be about a person.
A gift that many of us take for granted...the gift of relationship.


The challenge in these last few days before Christmas is to m...

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Access Point | 1649 | Joy

Joy Word On Stage As Symbol for Fun And Enjoyment Acting

Have you ever thought about how powerful Joy is?


Think about it...true joy is usually found at the end point of a difficult sacrifice.

Joy can often diminish the pain of life’s most difficult moments.


This reminds us of the Mother of Jesus. Mary, who has been called - Joy of all who sorrow.

We can only image the pain of watching her son sacrifice his life for us, and yet she was able to find Joy in the midst of what seemed to unbearable and agonizing.


How can you relate?

The challenge this week ...

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Access Point | 1648 | Beautiful Things

Beautiful Things

We recently finished our annual Parent Conference and the theme was ‘Beautiful Things’.


To be honest, some of the things we spoke about did not seem beautiful. They were things that were powerful, hard, disruptive, painful and even hopeful. These ‘beautiful things’ required one thing - a willingness to see through the mess and find the message (hope).


The brokenness that we face must be confronted. Unless we are willing to face it, we will be stuck in what was, and the 'what could be’ will be lost in a bitter...

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Access Point | 1647 | TIME

Me and my Dad


Time - this is by far one of the greatest gifts we can ever give or receive.

With every moment, this gift constantly challenges us see what we believe is most important. We will always make time for the things and people that matter most to us.

If we do not keep this in check, busyness and complacency will become our excuse.


The challenge this week is to see how we can give this gift of time to the people who need it most.


Remember, every name has a story and every story matters!

This gift that we ha...

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Access Point | 1646 | Heartbeat

Abstract ECG

In every heartbeat there is a cadence. A beat that gives life to the body and allows each of us to respond to the mission before us. Without the beat there is no mission for us to respond.

So, if you can feel the beat in your chest as you read this, your mission is before you.


The challenge this week is to face the fear that your mission requires.

This may be a hard conversation, or a gigantic step out of your comfort zone. Whatever the fear, distinguish it with trust in the One who has called you by name and massive action t...

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Access Point | 1645 | Our Greatest Contribution


When we connect to how we are able make our greatest contribution, there is nothing more life giving and purpose driven.

From this place of connection every decision, thought and action continues to add value and progress.


How do we find out what our greatest contribution to the world is?


‘Be who God meant you to be, and you will set the world on fire.’

- St Catherine of Sienna


The challenge this week is to reflect on what you really believe.

(here are a few questions to start the process)


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Access Point | 1644 | Make a Difference

Make a difference reminder

Today we will make a difference, and the goal is to make that difference one that will draw out the best in every person we meet.


The challenge today is to start by making a difference in these three areas:

The person you see in the mirror - Speak well of who you see because the stories we tell about ourselves become the stories we follow.
The people in your home - These are the greatest gifts we have been given, so help them see how thankful you are for them.
Everyone else you meet - be intentional to stop and give your fu...

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Access Point | 1643 | Be the light

Christian cross of light

Even in the darkest of nights, the smallest of lights can break through the darkness.


What are those lights for you?

Who are the lights for you?


The challenge this week is to be that light.

Who can you shine bright for?
How can you help someone see the light in them?


The light in you will always be greater than the darkness around you!


Now go, #bethelight


Our Prayer

God, show us the beauty you see in us.


Verse of the week

The light shines in the darknes...

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Access Point | 1642 | Give this gift


Do you know someone who has a birthday, anniversary, graduation or special occasion that’s coming up?

If so, you know the drill, it’s time to think of that perfect gift?


Well, we have a suggestion that is awesome!


How about giving the gift of your presence… Think about it - You are a gift, and one of the greatest presents you can give someone you love and care about is your presence.


The challenge this week is to give the gift of your presence to at least 3 people. Make it intentional and complete...

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