Access Point | 1415 | Purpose

Have you ever wondered why you do things that you know are not the best for you?
What if together we found the reason for it, the answer?

The purpose is to figure out why you are doing what it is you are doing.
WHAT we do is simply an outward sign of WHY we do it.
Your WHY statement is a way for you and others to see your purpose in action.

We would like to challenge you this week to begin developing your why statement.

This will become your sounding board towards the decisions you make.

We used this resource for our team and have found in really helpful:

This process will bring clarity, drive, passion, perseverance and intention to
what we do.

Living out your purpose is the example that will inspire others to discover theirs.

Take the time to lock into to this Access Point because what we do will echo into eternity.