How you got here

  • Your child attended an event and/or you are curious about their experience

  • You want to better connect with you child and/or you are looking for resources

  • Somebody invited you to visit the website.

  • Google search

  • Social Media (Facebook/Instagram etc..)

However you got here, we are excited to have you!


What is Access52?

Access52 is a platform for students, parents and teachers. It’s a place where students can find hope and direction. Our goal is to engage parents and teachers to help better connect with students.

Through live events, media, and online resources, we create opportunities for people to take a step toward their All In moment.


Why do you matter to us?

“The most important role in a kids life is the parent/guardian. Every story is complex but we believe this role is one of the most bona fide investments we can make. Our goal is to give you a glimpse of what kids want their parents to know, but may never tell them. This will allow you, as a parent, to navigate through the questions in order to build up the people who matter most to you.”

-Michael Chiasson.


What can you do now to better connect with your kids.


How can you help?