Access Point | 1414 | Pain

Is it necessary?

Anything worth something costs something. Think about it, whatever is most important to you has a cost beyond a financial number or amount of time invested. I’m sure there have been many sacrifices involved, and some guaranteed to be painful.

Pain produces progress if we are intentional and on mission. When one works out, especially in the beginning, there will be painful moments and muscles. A mother giving birth, the intense pain is temporary but its purpose and reward echoes into eternity.

Don’t add more pain in your life than you have to. For example, when we procrastinate, when we worry and/or when we try to ignore the things we must do.

This week make a decision in the areas that are most important to push through the pain. Get up a little earlier. Take time to listen. Get to the gym. Start on that pile of homework, or paperwork. Have that conversation.