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    Melissa Chiasson

    Ministry Services

    Melissa Chiasson's heart is passionate about letting people know their value and worth. As the Ministry Services Director and Co-founder of All Access Ministries, Melissa brings a contagious joy and focused work-ethic that continues to drive the mission of All Access. She inspires all those who have the privilege to work with her.

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    Michael Chiasson


    Inspiring people to see their potential and take a step toward their all in moment, this is what Michael Chiasson is all about. His journey to inspire and encourage others began at the age of 14 in his hometown of Houston, Texas from which he began traveling around the world developing his unique, energetic and powerful communication style. Through his travels, he eventually landed in Canada in 2000 and earned a degree in leadership and sacred studies. Michael is blessed with the abilities to m...

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