Access Point | 1403 | One80

Sometimes we need to make a u-turn; from where you are to where you need to be.

When we say the wrong thing or react when something doesn’t go our way…u-turn.
It might be helpful to think, if I say or do this, will I have to go back and fix some things?

What kind of damage will this cause?
Who will it affect?

Though this is only the beginning, and for most of us the filter is not yet matured, the starting point here is crucial. Using the excuse, it’s just the way I am, does not hold any power here. You are better than that.

A One80 is a turn from the old to the new. Though this transition takes time and is difficult, through prayer, sacrifice and accountability it is possible.

The goal is having to make fewer u-turns because of bad decisions.

Take some time each day this week to intentionally prepare to align your thoughts, actions and decisions to where they need to be.

One80 – From where you are to where you need to be.