Inspiring people to see their potential and take a step toward their ‘all in moment’, this is what Michael Chiasson is all about. As a dedicated public speaker and community leader, Michael exudes an unparalleled passion for encouraging and helping others, on-stage and off. It’s more than a job, it’s his life’s work.

Michael’s journey began from his hometown of Houston, Texas at the age of 14 when he started traveling around the world developing his unique, energetic and powerful communication style. Through his travels, he eventually landed in Canada in 2000 and earned a degree in leadership and sacred studies. Michael now makes his home in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with his wife Melissa and their two young children, Hannah and Simon.

In 2009 Michael and his team launched a registered Canadian charity committed to helping people discover their place and conviction. Widely known as a respected communicator, musician and writer, Michael has been able to reach thousands across North America with powerful messages of support and motivation.

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