Access Point | 1436 | Masks

Changing Emotions

Masks cover up who we really are.
Masks seduce us into being something we are not.

What mask is required today?

This is a question with which many people wrestle. The mask that shows you to be happy, in agreement, wealthy, together, disgusted, fine, heart broken, good, great, connected, sincere, not bothered, prayerful…
You get the picture.

It can get complicated getting a handle on everything that needs to get done everyday.
The people, the lists, the answers, the great attitude, the time… all of this can cause us to put a mask on and do what whatever it takes to get through it.The point is, we all put on masks. So what’s yours?

Why do we cover up the greatness within?

Our life is a process in which we are continually being sculpted. What we are being shaped and molded into depends on the foundation of what and who we believe in.

Here are a few verses that lay a great foundation:
- Philippians 4:6-7
- Psalm 139:14
- Isaiah 41:10
- Psalm 32:8

Masks can’t stay on forever and before you know it, we will see the truth about ourselves and the beauty that lies within. Share your real and amazing self with the world, it’s longing for it.