Access Point | 1348 | Know the Cost

Everything has a cost.

Even the greatest gifts we have ever received had a cost, and somebody had to pay for it.

Do you realize how much it costs to do what you do?

How much of your time?
How much of your money?
How much of your attention?

#behonest with these answers…

Is it really worth it?

For me, the greatest gift I’ve received was shown on a cross and the cost for that gift (which is open to everyone) was His life.

We all have a cost to pay. This is a gift.

To work for that which is worthy of your time, money and attention is the gift that puts your talents and abilities into action.

As we step into this week, evaluate and know the cost of what will be expected of you (this means you may have to take some time before you respond to people) and If it’s in line with your calling and ability go ALL IN and give it everything you’ve got.

Knowing the cost enables you to make healthy decisions that will produce progress.