The Impact Project provides YOU with the chance to give back to something you think is worth giving to.

When it comes to The Impact Project, we believe that if you can dream it, you can do it! The purpose of the project is to multiply the money given to you to positively affect the life of another. Whether it is raising money for a charity, a deserving family, or a complete stranger, the choice is yours!

Your Impact Project does not have to be a big complicated endeavor (although if it is, that’s great!) but rather, something you care about and would like to generate positive change. Since the possibilities are limitless, how you want to complete the project and who you want to be involved is up to you! This is your opportunity to give back in ways you may have thought you never would be able to, so get excited, creative, and have fun!

We’re ALL in, are YOU?

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We are so proud of each and every individual who partakes in The Impact Project. Don’t forget to come back to share your Impact Story!

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