Here is a way to inspire people to go out and make an impact in the world. Not just to say something, but to also give something to start. This is where the $50 comes into play.

The challenge has two parts:
1. Multiply the gift
2. Advance the Kingdom

If you are interested in launching your own impact project, go for it! Once you start, be sure to share your impact project story with us.

Go ahead, make it happen!

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Impact Project Stories

Lucian Impact Project

This is a story of the Williamson family and their son Lucian. Their lives were impacted by a few students from Melville, SK, who accepted the Impact project challenge a few years ago.

To read more about the Williamson family's journey you can download their book at 'The Day That Are Given Us' by Terrance Williamson (All proceeds from the book will be going to support the Children's hospital in Saskatoon, SK)

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Miracles of Mitch Foundation

Here at St. Mary’s Church we have big plans for our $50 we received at Discovery Camp 2013! Michael inspired us to make a difference in other people’s lives through this amazing impact project!

Soon after camp finished my family and I took a trip to Minneapolis, MN to visit my family for the week. I was sitting on the floor talking to my 8-year-old cousin when she pulled out a bag of money. She asked me if I could help her count it so of course, I said yes and we started to count! I said, “Wow, you have really saved lots of money, ther...

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The Impact Projects have been reaching people city wide, nation wide and even around the globe. Grade nine students have been pulling together to help people they don’t even know. These are a few of their stories:

One group of grade nine students decided to fundraise for Free the Children which is an organization that empowers youth to make a difference in the world and become global citizens. They were able to multiply their money by hosting a few bake sales. It was important to this group of grade nine students to not only bring money ...

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The Next Generation

Meet Diego and see what he plans on doing with $50.00 and how his week at Discovery Camp in Ontario inspired him:


One of the biggest things that spoke to me was that night when Michael called Bob and Betty to the front and asked them individually to give out there blessing as a fatherly and motherly figure.

I realized that the sad truth is: some people don't have those important people in their lives.

I went back to my cabin that night and texted my parents and told them how thankful I am to have them! So when i came back I t...

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Saint Francis High School

Hear how three students from Saint Francis High School took inspiration from their lives to help others.


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