Access Point | 1409 | Illusions

illusion – Something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality.

“Faith is not an illusion, it is a gift; open it and live it well!”

A great explanation of FAITH is confidence. Confidence meaning, God I believe you can do ALL things. Being faithful takes everything you’ve got

Here’s the Challenge:
What are some things that you are not confident within yourself? For some it might be self-image, and for others it might be an issue of the past or fear of the future. For the next 10 minutes, take the areas of your life that you lack confidence and offer this as your gift through prayer.

Growing your faith is what makes faithful possible. When we mess up (which we will), get back up and turn the mess into your message. To be faithful you must embrace humility. It is in our weakness that HE is strong.

Faithful IS possible, and it starts with YOU.