Access Point | 1339 | Feedback

What people say about what you do is a great thing. Even when what is said is not true or mis-understood. If you are not getting people talking, you might not be doing all you are meant to do.

Your challenge this week is to work out what you are doing and why. Is it worth it? Are there things that need to change?

This is where feedback comes into play. Feedback can be a really encouraging thing and at the same time be very frustrating. Here’s a key, be CLEAR about what you do and why.

As for how to deal with feedback, here are a few suggestions:

1. Listen to those who love you and want to see you succeed.

2. Seek out those who have done something similar to what you are hoping to accomplish.

3. Don’t ask if you don’t want to know.

4. Before you react, spend some time in the classroom of silence to work out how you will respond.