Access Point | 1333 | Evaluate Your Progress

Choosing The Positive Answer

That which we don’t evaluate can never intentionally get better. There are times that progress just occurs, but this access point is to help it happen more often.

This week look at your goals or the things that you really want to see happen, and honestly look at where you are at.

Here are three areas to challenge you in:

1.) You.

How are you getting better with the gifts and talents that have been entrusted to you? What do you need to change?

2.) Your Family.

Are you involved? Really? What have you promised to those you love that you could work on over this next while?

3.) Your work.

Are you honestly doing what you were created to do? Are you fired up to show up? If not, I do not suggest to just pack it up tomorrow, but I would challenge you to evaluate the decisions you are making that will help you to make that transition.

Decisions can sometimes be complicated. Take this next week to evaluate your day. See the areas you have done well, and make the necessary change to the areas you didn’t.

Time, discipline, honesty, and risk will be required for this Access Point.