Access Point | 1408 | Dream

Dreams are a lot of times the starting point to action.
Growing up dreaming about the future was exciting. There were no limitations. It didn’t matter if you had the education, money or time, it was about the possibility.

What we’ve learned about the majority of those dreams (becoming doctors, teachers, firefighters etc.), is they were a part of impacting the world to help people.

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Dreams can also be a window into the future. God spoke to many people through dreams which set their course of action. Check out Matthew 1:20-21.

The challenge this week is to dream again. Take some time to dream about some possibilities and ideas, and see what it would take to start putting it into action.

Don’t let security and safety take the place of risk and adventure. You are equipped with too much to play it safe.

This can be achieved by responding to the invitation God has placed on your life.
It’s never too late.