Access Point | 1421 | Contagious

If you see somebody coughing like crazy most likely your first reaction is to back away. Why? because you don’t want to catch what they have.

But what about the people that cause you to smile, laugh, to think bigger, the ones that challenge and inspire you to not remain average. It’s like we can’t get enough time around these types of people.

We believe this is your challenge this week; To be a contagious person, overtaken with kindness, selfless generosity, joy and humility.

Be so consumed that it spills over to everyone you meet. Let them leave their time with you thinking, I want what they have, and if/when the opportunity presents itself again share the gift of your story to motivate, challenge and inspire them. Your story matters and it’s meant to be shared!

adjective; tending to spread from person to person