Access Point | 1413 | Conflict

Ever get your feelings hurt when someone wouldn’t agree with you or when confronted about something you didn’t do?

Was there ever a time you hurt somebody with your words or actions just because YOU were having a bad day?

Welcome to conflict!

Are you okay with it? We suggest your answer should be YES!

If you are not okay with conflict you are not okay with progress. You are probably being held back by something right now because you are either afraid to make it (conflict) or break it (conflict).

Conflict gets the truth out, no matter if the person is right or wrong. The true test lies in your ability to trust the team or person you are in conflict with. Conflict without trust (commitment to see it through no matter what) is a battle where there will never be a winner, only a match to see who can be louder, more pursuasive or manipulative.

Dont be afraid to stir the pot this week with those you really trust:

- The hard coversation you need to have.
- The person you need to call to accountbility
- The one in the mirror who needs to follow through with their commitment.

Progress is possible and one of the nessesary ingredients is conflict. In Love, in truth.

This access point requires boldness, humility, patience and persistence.