Access Point | 1407 | Commit

I’m ALL in.
No matter what happens, as good as it gets or as hard as it seems, I’m ALL in.
This does not mean we always get it right, it means we are willing to do what is right even when we mess up.

What do you need to commit (re-commit) to? Commitment takes everything you’ve got. The good things about you and the not so good.

When we commit we will have a defining decision to make at some point. There will be setbacks, struggles and obstacles.
What we do with these are the test of our commitment.

This Access Point is a relationship point.
Just as we are not perfect, this is also true for those we love and serve.

- Your commitment might be to forgive.
- Your commitment might be to sacrifice something.
- Your commitment might be to love and serve even though it is clear they don’t deserve it.

This week Commit and live ALL in, and if you stumble, simply,
Do what you say, and admit when you don’t.