Access Point | 1405 | Clarity

Sometimes it’s the worst situations that give the best clarity for the future decisions.

If you’ve ever experienced a bad relationship, a bad job, or a situation that you felt stuck in, you get this point.

This week let’s look for some clarity in the difficult moments, so we can make better decisions in the future.

Here are some questions to help get started:

- What was it about the relationship that you needed to do differently?
- Was there a decision did you not make that you know you needed to?
- How about that job that you really thought you wanted?
- Did you take the time to really get to know what was involved in your job description?
- Did you interview the company to find out their vision, mission and values?
- What about moments when you feel stuck in the same type of situations; Did you overcommit?Did you set boundaries?

Though every situation is different and things happen that are beyond our control, we still have a great opportunity to reflect and learn from these moments.

What are some ways you have seen this Access Point work out for you or someone you know?
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