Access Point | 1343 | Celebrate the Win

We all love a good celebration, especially when we have put countless hours of time and commitment to make it happen.
Typically celebrations are planned in advance, invitations are sent and those invited look forward to the big day.
Though these moments are good, lets look at another angle:
How about the people who matter most to you? You probably know a lot about them. Their dreams, their struggles, their fears and even some of their pasts successes.

This week the challenge is simple: CELEBRATE the WIN.

Look for the moments to lift up the people around you. For some people you may need to dig deep, but it is SO worth. This might be the one thing they have been praying for; somebody to truly believe in them, somebody to celebrate with them the small victories along the way.

When you CELEBRATE the WIN with people who never expected you to notice, you help to build a profound confidence in them.

Who will you CELEBRATE the WIN with this week? Look for things the usually go unnoticed and make it a celebration moment.

Have fun!

Tell us how you helped somebody CELEBRATE the WIN!