Access Point | 1433 | Boiling Point

Oxygen Bubbles. Boiling Water

One degree can make all the difference.

From just a hot liquid to a boiling rage of momentum.

One degree.

Though a liquid at 211 degrees is hot and can burn, it is not yet boiling. The one degree difference is incredibly more intense. At 212 degrees you can even see the difference.

What about you?

What sends you from okay, to whoa where did that come from?

Is it a stare, a word, thought, expectation or assumption?

What if this week we chose to go beyond the boiling point with our mission?

What if we made a decision that when the frustration is high and the reactions are raw, we chose to act different.

This week instead of being emotionally driven, chose to be mission driven. Everything we do matters. Our thoughts, words, actions and reactions.

You are the thermostat to your environments, and no matter how difficult the circumstance and situation, you have been given the ability to control your response to them.

Choose well.