Access Point | 1352 | Be willing to wait.

What are you waiting for?

The right person, the perfect job, a friend to reconnect with, the doctors report, a child, a new home, the acceptance letter…..

Especially in our time, waiting has often become a lost opportunity.

We want it now, however, if we move too soon, what you may end up with is not what was intended for you.

So this weeks challenge is to the point.

Be willing to wait. Why? Great things take time.

You may not be ready. What you desire may still be getting prepared.

How do I wait?

One of the biggest misunderstandings about waiting is doing nothing.

Our strength must be renewed as we wait. When an athlete is waiting for the next season to begin they are not sitting around doing nothing, they are training, getting better and building on their gifts and talents.

How about you? What should you be doing as you wait?

You may be closer than you think, so don’t give up, get intentional.

Take time this week to be with the ones who matter most and are the ones who can make the times of waiting better.

Waiting is hard, but moving into something too soon and having to go back and start over is harder.

The gift is worth the wait.

Share with us a story you have gone through that required you to wait but the outcome was worth it.