Access Point | 1338 | Be Generous

We all have the ability to give. Our priorities determine when to give and how much. Making generosity a priority will expand your ability to do more. Start now. Make a decision to intentionally do something for someone.

Here are three suggestions:
1. Give What You Can. Though we have every good intention to do a lot, we must start with what we have.
2. Stay Committed. Follow through with what you can. Your circumstances may change and you may need to pull back in some areas, stay committed.
3. Share Your Story. This is not to tell everyone how great you are, but how great it is to be a part of a bigger story.

Generosity is not all about money. It is also about time. The time we give using our talents. The time we spend offering a prayer. The time we give listening to friend or responding to an email. Even the time we take to make ourselves available to the people who need us the most.

This week, intentionally be generous. Give like you have never given before. You will discover a profound joy in this challenge.