Access Point | 1406 | Ask Questions

You will never understand, if you don’t ask.

Even though the answer might not be your desired outcome, at least you will know.
From there you either can move on or lean into the story by dealing with your part, forgiving or simply loving someone through it.

We are not perfect, we are in process.

What is lacking in most difficult relationships are the questions that are not being asked.
Instead of questions, it turns into statements; You always….You’re just like your….You never…..You used to be so….

This is the shut off valve to communication.

Are you approachable in your relationships? Do you ask questions before you assume the outcome? What is one relationship in your life that needs to be engaged? (a challenge would be to start at home)

Keep in mind that If you ask the question, you must be willing to listen. Truly listen. Take the word listen, rearrange the letters and you get how to listen – silent.

In the spiritual life we are also invited to ask – Matthew 7:7
One statement that has helped many to be patient with the outcome is, delay does not mean denial. Sometimes our questions take time to receive an answer.

Do not ever be afraid to ask questions.

This Access Point requires Courage, Boldness, Persistence, Patience, Humility, and Forgiveness.