Are you proud.. we sure hope so!


There has been an overwhelming response in the letters we have received from students saying:
I wish my parents knew…


As we read over the hundreds of letters from this past month, we found this to be a major theme.

What can I do as a parent to prove to my kids, just how proud I am of them?

Here is what we suggest:

Take some time to sit with your kid and tell him/her why you are proud of them (don’t expect them to know what you think, they need to hear it).
Share with them some of your hopes and dreams and awaken the wonder in them to what’s possible.
Ask them to share with you their hopes and dreams – and then BE QUIET. If it seems impossible and far out, that’s okay. Say WOW, and leave the how for later! When the time is right they will ask what you think, and that is the moment you can guide them through that phase of their journey.

These moments are anchors in which they will always come back to. The pressure to perform, stay current and look like they have it all together, can be a chore to say the least.
Your words, spoken with genuine and authentic care will become the weight that holds them together.

Please do not take this one lightly. You are the one that matters most to them.

As we encourage you take this step, be sure to not put this off for long.

Now Go…Your kid is waiting!

Don’t let yourself become so concerned with raising a good kid that you forget that you already have one.
– Melton


- Onward -

Michael Chiasson and the access52 Team