Access Point | 1451 | Anticipation

Roller coaster
When we are truly engaged we will anticipate the next steps. This shows an attitude of doing what needs to be done even if it’s not your responsibility. A heart of service is whats required.
This week, how can you anticipate the next steps in the areas that are most important to you?
Your family, your faith and your work.
Family – What can you do to help around the house?
Faith – Can you carve 15 minutes out everyday this week to reflect, pray and listen?
Work – Do one thing that goes over and above what is required of you without the expectation to get credit or the need to be to thanked for it.
Serve well this week and anticipate the things you can do to help make things better.
Verse of the week
Romans 8:19      
For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.