Access Point | 1341 | Add/Change/Delete

This week the challenge is to do three things.
Add something. Change something. Delete something.

The reason is because as we grow we need to be aware of how things need to shift in our lives.
Just as a child grows, they cannot keep wearing the same cloths they did a year prior. They just wont fit.

Here a some suggestions:

Add something
- journal everyday this week
- read one chapter of a book you’ve been meaning to get to
- work out at least once this week
- take 10 minutes everyday to listen and pray

Change something
- get up and get your day started 10 minutes earlier
- have your major things that need to be done the next day done worked out the night before
- decide to assume the best in people no matter what
- find a way to be thankful in every hard conversation

Delete something
- negativity and complaining
- putting things off that need to get done
- living in fear of what others think about you
- pretending to be someone you’re not

These are only suggestions to get you started. If you have some different ideas, go for it! Start with one thing for each challenge.

This challenge will help you become more effective and intentional about what you do.

So, what do you need to ADD/CHANGE/DELETE?