Access Point | 1635 | Start Well

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With every sunrise, a new day begins and gives us another opportunity to make our greatest contribution.

All of yesterday is now officially a part of the past and the new day gives us fresh eyes to face whatever is placed before us.

We cannot change what has been done, however we can choose how we face what’s to come.


Here’s the challenge:

Get up every morning this week and set the tone.

As you reflect on what’s to come, ask for wisdom, patience, and discernment.

Also, take a few minutes to think of all that you are thankful for.


‘No matter what our circumstance, we can find a reason to be thankful.’

- D. Jeremiah


Our Prayer

God, may we see today as a gift and live it with a thankful heart.


Verse of the week

May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us;

establish the work of our hands for us—

yes, establish the work of our hands.

Psalm 90:17