Access Point | 1629 | Lightning

Old road, roadsides and green grass field. Stormy sky with lightning in background

When we see lightning, it is always followed by thunder. A sound that has the ability to shake the foundation that we stand on.

Lightning is a powerful discharge of electricity, and the average lightning bolt is around 36,000 degrees fahrenheit. That is powerful!

It not only displays a  breath-taking visual image in the sky, it’s power can has the ability to change whatever it touches.


This Access Point leads us to reflect on this image, and shine a light on the power that flows through each of us. We are created powerful.


The challenge this week is to reflect on how your life is lighting up those around you?

It can be easy to talk about what we want or should do, however the truth is found in what follows through our actions.


Make it a point this week to shine your light and make a joyful noise (the thunder) through your love, service and generosity.


Our Prayer:

God, help us to be a light to everyone we meet.


Verse of the week

Your word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path.

Psalm 119:105