Access Point | 1627 | ONE WEEK


One Week

7 days = 168 hours = 10,080 minutes = 604,800 seconds


Imagine if for one week we eliminated all of the excuses, stayed focused, and spent every moment making what we have been given, better – our relationships, work, time and our future.


This is our challenge this week – to make it better.


Here are three areas to focus on:


1. The routine.

This Access Point requires us to disrupt the routine (for a short time). This will allow us to see what we can do better. The best question to ask is, why am I doing this, this way?


2. The work.

Everything about this challenge takes work. We must be willing to invest the time that is required. The outcome will be determined by our willingness to follow through.


3. The win.

Determine what the win is. Remember, the goal is to make it better, and defining the win(s) will help to shape the decisions we make.


We are not perfect, we are in process and this week is a gift -

7 days = 168 hours = 10,080 minutes = 604,800 seconds – let’s make it count!


Our Prayer:

God, help us to be intentional in everything we do.


Verse of the week

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Psalm 90:12