Access Point | 1622 | Bring it in

Creative Business People Piling Hands Over White Background

Bring it in!


The challenge this week is to reflect on who is in your huddle.


The people around you a lot of times will determine where you end up.

This is why when we were kids our parents were always cautious of who we spent our time with.


These huddles are moments when the decisions we are about to make can be challenged, talked about, discerned and/or encouraged.


We are influence by those we spend most of our time with.


The reason we should take account of who is in our huddle is because it may be time for a change.

This is not a bad or negative thing. This is an account to see where we are and who will be with us in the next phase of our mission.


Our huddle should be with people we can be the most vulnerable with. The people who will love us no matter what and at the same be able to challenge us when we need it the most.


Our Prayer:

God, thank you for the people in our lives. May we always reflect your love and light to all we meet.


Verse of the week

Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.

Proverbs 13:20