Access Point | 1607 | Farther


We have access to reach almost every part of the world by way of travel and/or technology.

Really think about this: we have access to reach almost every part of the world.


Does the possibility of that statement inspire you? Does it stir within you an urgency and passion to use your gifts and talents to help as many people as possible?


This is the challenge:

Reflect on how we can amplify the message of what we believe, why we believe, what we are doing about it and how others can be a part of it.


It can be easy to think about going far to make a difference. The true test is found in what we can do where we are right now. This is where the impossible is made possible. This is the place where we can always come back to.


To go farther means we must be willing to dream big and eliminate every excuse that limits what we are created to do.


Verse of the week:

with God all things are possible.

Matthew 19:26