Access Point | 1545 | CHARGED

smart phone over wooden table full battery

Have you ever felt overwhelmed, drained, exhausted, short tempered and honestly ready to tap out? As if your battery has been completely depleted. It’s in that moment we learn that nothing changes until we find a way to charge up.

Just as a cell phone only has a matter of time before it loses it’s charge, we must plug it in and take the time to let it charge.


How much more are we in need to take the time to charge up and connect to the source that is always available and always accessible?


Here’s the challenge:

Find a place that will become your charging base and take time everyday to connect. A place where you can reflect, pray, listen, write, dream and get really honest with the One who is ready and so willing to charge you up.


We choose what stays and goes on our calendar. Let’s be sure that we make time to charge up so we can be ready to respond to every opportunity with love, kindness and generosity.


Verse of the week:

Psalm 138:3


On the day I cried out, you answered;

you strengthened my spirit.