Access Point | 1541 | FIRST PLACE


We make time and provision for what is most important to us. Just as a new couple makes a commitment to one another, they excitedly are never too busy or unavailable for the other person.


We have come to notice that as time goes on we sometimes forget what is most important, and that which is meant to be 1st place becomes a number farther down the list.


What is first place to you?

One way to find out is to reflect on what/who you make time for.



This may be a sobering reality. We cannot be afraid to look at this honestly and humbly. If what we see is not right, here’s the great news, we CAN change it.


Don’t delay putting things into right order. We are the one’s who decide what stays and what goes on our calendar.

Let’s take time over this next week to become really intentional in making sure what/who is meant to be first place, stays first place.

Choose well.


Verse of the week:

Matthew 6:33


But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.