Access Point | 1531 | Trust Fall


Have you ever heard of the trust fall game? Our spin on the game is when someone is not paying attention, you just trust fall toward the person who does not yet know that they’re in the game. The point is to see who among your friends will be there to catch your fall.


Reactions are typically priceless. The best one so far is when people jump out of the way completely (Really!?! not gonna even attempt to help? wow!), while others will launch themselves to save you.


The challenge this week is to really work out who you trust. This is important. Who we trust is usually found in what we believe. If we say we trust but are always jealous, skeptical, insecure, negative and often creating “just in case” back up plans, we probably need some work in this area.


Together, let’s commit to praying this simple prayer at least once a day this week.

Here’s the prayer,

Jesus I trust in you.


This journey requires us to trust. When people let us down and misunderstandings happen, the opportunity arises for us to love and forgive. We do this not because we are soft but because we know that the mirror we look in reveals a person who is far from perfect and needs just as much love and forgiveness.



Verse of the week:

Psalm 56:3

When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.