Access Point | 1524 | How to deal with difficult people

Mad man venting steam from ears

Dealing with difficult people can be a sure way to test your patience and your faith.


We’ve all been there. You know, the times you play out the conversation before you even have it, just so you can feel good about putting that person in their place. We have learned that it usually never plays out the way you intend it to go.



So, what are some ways to help navigate through those difficult moments?


Always assume the best. We do not know what those people are going through or have been through. Though this does not give them an excuse to treat others bad, it may be an opportunity for us to love them the most when they may deserve it the least.


Always encourage. Do everything you can in every conversation to speak or do something encouraging (be authentic). Remember we are like a thermostat, we have the ability to change the temperature of a situation. Encouragement has a way to open a window to the soul (a genuine smile can be the perfect start).


Always go above and beyond. Let’s make a decision to always go above and beyond what is asked of us without the expectation of getting something in return. This shows a great appreciation for what we get to do everyday and for people we get to spend our lives with.


This week let’s remember that we are far from perfect. We are in process and making great progress. Over the next 7 days take every opportunity to make someones day better.



Verse of the week

1 Corinthians 13:8 

Love never fails.