Access Point | 1516 | What do you need to stir up in your life?

Chocolate Milk

Are you a fan of chocolate milk?

We have learned that people are very particular when it comes to how they make their chocolate milk.

If you are a fan of this drink, and even if you’re not, the point of this post is in how it’s made. To make this simple we will take two ingredients; milk (or whatever you use) and your preferred chocolate syrup.

In a glass you have to pour in the milk and add the amount of syrup that is just right for you.

Has it become chocolate milk yet? Of course not. It is still only milk with chocolate syrup on the bottom.

The next step, which is the most crucial one, is to stir it up. This process combines the ingredients to a point where it will now be only known as chocolate milk.


The Point:

In this analogy the milk represents you and the syrup represents your gifts, talents and dreams.

Our job is to shake and stir up the gifts, talents and dreams we have been given. For us not to step out in faith and begin to use what has been so generously given, would be a tragedy to say the least. We want to encourage you to accept that you are gifted, talented and have a dream that we believe has been placed in you by the one who is for you and not against you.


If you feel that you are not at a place to see your gifts, talents and dreams, we encourage you to take the next few minutes and write down on a piece of paper why you feel that way. Be as honest as you can and after you have finished it, read it out loud as if someone were reading it to you. After hearing that story read out loud, what would would you say to them? How would you encourage them? What do you think they would need to hear?

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Be encouraged this week to Dream Big and use the gifts and talents that have been given to you to make it happen!


Verse of the week:

Psalm 17:8

Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings.