Access Point | 1439 | Rejection

Reject concept.

Have you ever felt excluded, brushed-off, turndown, or left behind? How about feeling as though you were denied, kicked in the teeth or just plain heartbroken?
We cannot control other peoples actions. Rejection, as painful as it is, lets us know the truth of where people stand. It is especially difficult when rejection comes from the people in whom we trust.
God is not in the business of hurting you, he’s in the truth of loving you, and one of the hard realties of sharing that love with others is the possibility of facing rejection.
Aren’t you glad some of the prayers you prayed when you were younger did not come to pass?
Many people can look back on situations where they were so sure about something and when it didn’t happen, were heartbroken. A crush that didn’t return the feelings, a job that they didn’t get hired, or how about not getting chosen for that favorite sports team. The list goes on and on…and until we move on and realize that something greater is/was in store all along, we can get stuck in the darkness of feeling unloved.
The challenge this week is to reflect on the times you have been rejected, and see how those moments have shaped your view of reality.
Are there some people you need to forgive and/or ask for their forgiveness?
Honesty, humility, courage and patience will be required for this Access Point.
Verse of the week: