Access 52 weeks a year, every second of everyday.
Access to the most incredible gift on the planet.
Access to grace, hope, peace, purpose and forgiveness.

This access is found through the passing on of a timeless and uncompromising message. has a three part mission:

The alarm is going off, it’s time to wake up and do something!

This is the process – the what to do and how to get there.
(side note- we do not claim to know it all! We are listeners, learners and sharers of what has challenged and inspired us)

Sharing stories of those who have done something. We believe great things. Connecting with a story might be the thing you need to take the next step in your journey.

Through this, we hope you connect to your own story and know that your story matters. What you have experienced in your life can be the exact hope someone needs to take a courageous step forward.
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