Access Point | 1440 I Retreat

Cutting Through The Confusion

Do you know when it’s time to retreat?
There are two types of retreating we will focus on.
1.) A retreat that is intentionally designed to help you recharge and reconnect so you will have the courage to stay the course.
2.) The retreat term used as a direction to change the course.
This week your challenge is to acknowledge and respond to the retreat mode you need to activate.
Here are a few questions to help:
  • Are you clear about what your responsibilities are each day?
  • Do you have the necessary support to achieve your greatest results?
  • Are you over scheduled?
  • Have people asked you more than once last week if your were tired?
  • How long has it been since you prayed?
  • Who has the greatest influence over your decisions? Do they love you?
  • What are you willing to sacrifice? What are you not willing to sacrifice?
A retreat does not mean you have to go away for a weekend (although those can be great), it is also a place that you can be where the distractions are few and the classroom of silence is in session.
This week make a point to retreat.
Verse of the week: