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Access Point | 1443 | Anchor


The challenge this week is to answer one question.

What is your anchor?

The answer to this question is f...

Access Point | 1442 | Not Fair

Not fair concept.

It's not fair!
How many times have you heard that statement?

Especially as a child when you wanted that fres...

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Our Access52 experience, I...

You came to my school a couple days ago, and it was an amazing experience.

You had visited us before, but the impact ...

Hi.  I saw Michael at my school. I have never been inspired that much before. I could’t       understand what it m...

Michael, I met you today, and it was really inspirational. My name is Alyssa; I'm 15 years old. You called me beautiful,...

Last week I tried out for a dance team at my high school. Dancing has been apart of my life for 10 years. I wanted to gi...


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Alpha Retreat Session

Location: St Michael Catholic Community - Calgary, Alberta

Confirmation Event

Location: Calgary Alberta Canda

Notre Dame High School (Re...

Michael will be Motivating, Challenging and Inspiring the Grade 11 class of Notre Dame High School

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