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Access Point | 1417 | Hope

Hope - to believe, desire or trust.

Your hope reveals your attitude toward what you believe.
This Hope is not a roll...

Access Point | 1416 | Unce...

There are things that we are all uncertain of...
- the weather
- the stock market
- the unexpected test
- what other...

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Last week I tried out for a dance team at my high school. Dancing has been apart of my life for 10 years. I wanted to gi...

Today, Michael came into my school band camp. We were rehearsing for our summer season tour. Not that I don't enjoy band...

Michael came and spoke at my Grade 11 retreat this week. When I walked into the room I could tell that something was goi...

When Michael spoke, at first I thought he was a comedian. He had the whole audience laughing and smiling. I thought his ...


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Clear Water Gala

Calgary, AB

Yorkton Grad

Yorkton, Saskatchewan

St. Peter’s Parish

Join Michael Chiasosn and Father Jerome Lavigne at St. Peter's Parish in Calgary, AB for a night of music and a message.

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